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He’s been spending a lot of time chillin’ with daddy. It’s been a rough few days – getting used to life without grandma, getting vaccines…

I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the parents who oppose vaccines created a front to do so (or subconsciously adopted one in any case) simply because watching babies get shots SUCKS. It’s pretty easy to believe that kiddo is being harmed in this process if you’re not thinking about things like “what it’s actually like to have meningitis.” And as I, unlike most people, have actually had meningitis (no lie. I was six. I don’t recommend it.)… it’s a no brainer to me if the pediatrician offers a vaccine for The Whuff. It’s been tested by the CDC, is safe, and will prevent something awful later on? BRING IT!

Sadly, this means having to watch my Whuff turn the color of a red flavored popsicle. I wasn’t expecting to, but I’ll admit it, I teared up. Even worse was watching him being miserable and totally inconsolable all afternoon. Inconsolable by me anyway. As seen here, daddy has the magic touch. Daddy, some infant Tylenol, and a trip to the grocery store in the magic rumbly car – these things make life worth living again.