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That smile is all for daddy. All through dinner our little centerpiece here (yes, we have the bouncy seat on our dining room table – what of it?) couldn’t stop smiling at his daddy. Of course, that means that the binky would fall right out of his mouth and I’d have to shove it back in, but whatever.

And the bears? I think Whuff and the Three Bears would be an excellent name for a jazz combo, but this is actually Nuno’s idea for propping his head up. Note: his head is propped up just fine in the seat itself. Nuno insist that Paulo “likes” this, so I don’t argue… much. I am tempted to start chiming in with how one of the bears was involved in the bottle version of the Exxon Valdez and that’s kind of a little gross and maybe we could dial it back to TWO bears, but then I wouldn’t get hilarious photos such as this.