I don’t know why I even thought I’d be able to update from Vermont. I hardly touched my laptop, touched my camera even less, and didn’t touch my Kindle at ALL. It was a wonderful week, but between wedding planning and hanging out with family and friends, there weren’t five free moments to be had. Whuff very much enjoyed himself hanging out with Oma and Opa and meeting more of his relatives. Β For a three month old at a wedding, he was PERFECTLY behaved and I look forward to sharing photos of him in his tux when our fabulous photographer posts them!

And oh hey, while we were gone, my post on the Zen of Labor went live over on Offbeat Mama! So hey, if you missed it here the first time, check it out. And if you found me here from there – welcome! There are usually daily updates around here, but this week has been far from usual. I’ll do my best to catch up!