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Perhaps if The Whuff spent more time trying to help dad cook and realize things like “putting dried cherries in biscuit mix is not going to have the delicious effect you’re seeking” and less time staring at his feet, Nuno’s breakfasts would be more successful. Which isn’t to say they’re always a failure -dried cherries in pancakes was absolutely delicious – but for each win, there have been many more total losses.

Also: that guy on Nuno’s tshirt? Buckminster Fuller. I swear I live with the only man in the world who lacks a single band or sports tshirt and instead wears an homage to Buckminster Fuller on a regular basis.

Also also: While Buckminster Fuller is fine and dandy, Nuno is forbidden to wear the orange shorts outside of the house. There are rules. I also live with the only man in the world who believes that swim trunks make acceptable pajamas.