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Photo taken with Instagram. Clever layering used to hide my phone number since I don’t have fancy things like “Photoshop.”

I’m totally cheating on the Whufflery today for two reasons #1) I got business cards! And they’re awesome! Ok, so they’re more “calling cards” seeing as I don’t have things like “a business.” Before getting married and changing my name I had some cards and they came in handy quite often to give someone my website or my email or whatever. Last week at playgroup, one of the other moms and I exchanged numbers the “old fashioned” way (“Type in your number and call your phone from my phone!”) and I thought “Oh hey, this is totally the kind of thing for which I used to have cards.” And no, lo, I have cards. Both to flatter myself into thinking that people want my contact info and also because I have what might be classified as a minor addiction to stationery. Anyhow.

#2) The Whuff has either been sleeping, in the sling, or both all day. I got a picture of him sleeping yesterday and it pretty much looks the same. As for in the sling, it’s really hard for me to get a decent shot of him from that particular angle. Mostly just looks like fabric with a fuzzy head sticking out. Kinda because that’s what it is. This is probably the last hurrah for the sling for a while – I can wear him in it for about an hour and then my shoulder gets angry with me. And today, he’s wanted to be held ALL. DAY. Time to figure out the Moby wrap so next time he wants extended holding, I can do so with both shoulders.  (Though I’d like to put in an unsolicited plug here that I really could wear him all day in the Ergo; that thing is SO COMFORTABLE. It’s just unfortunately rather bulky for in the house and difficult to sit with because of the hip belt.)

Ok, while I’m cheating anyway: bonus sleepy Whuff, from yesterday.