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Bunch of errands this week: Tar-jay, Post Office, Stop & Shop. Not pictured was our big errand to look at a house in The Happy Valley, Massachusetts. I don’t dare write any details as I’m hugely afraid of jinxing things, so I’ll just say it was a good trip and leave it at that. Also happening this week – Kat’s revival of the book blog and my waxing ecstatic about my Kindle (on which I’m currently reading Game of Thrones). That thing behind it in the picture is Whuff’s cloth book, which I’m trying to get him to adopt as his lovey. Never too young to encourage some quality nerdery.

Outtakes: My Piglet and his Piglet. Before Whuff was The Whuff as outside baby, he was The Piglet in utero. I bought that wee stuffed Piglet on the day I found out I was pregnant and it’s pretty awesome to see him play with it now… and get it stuck on his head.

Blurry Whuff is blurry. This was my attempt to get a picture of him when he was “sitting still.” Seriously, this child is a perpetual motion machine.

Evidence of book snuggling. Also: rolling over. Also also: his new preference for sleeping on his side. (Yes, yes, I know “back to sleep.” I start him on his back and then he just does this and I can’t do much with the stopping him other than constantly checking his face for rogue blankets.)