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Totally digging the mirror.

What we’re collectively not digging is the teething process, which has officially begun. I can’t see or feel any specific teeth, but we’ve got ourselves a drooly, inconsolable Whuffle. While he, like all infants, has fussy moments he usually doesn’t just scream all day (save for growth spurts). Well, he’s not eating more than usual, but he’s certainly an unhappy monster. Worst part is that he’s also mastered rolling onto his belly, but not back onto his back, so he keeps getting stuck. It’s like living with the world’s crankiest turtle.

While he’s chewing more than usual, he’s still not interested in actually holding a toy in his mouth. I ordered Sophie the Giraffe with some Amazon credit I had as it’s been recommended to me by other mamas. We’ll see if he goes for it. Right now, he’s happiest chewing on his gauzy swaddle blankets. I’m going to try putting some washcloths in the freezer tonight to see if he’ll go for those.

I’ve dealt with teething before as a nanny, but always with kiddos who were eating solid foods – so I could give them popsicles and frozen waffles and such. This business of teeth with a very wee young man is a totally new ball game. Also? What are you doing getting teeth?! How can you stay my tiny baby with TEETH?! GAH.