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Not sure what to make of this new “food” stuff.

It wasn’t in my plans to start The Whuff on solids at four months, but apparently HE had OTHER plans. His pre-teething pains have subsided – or at least, the drooling has come to a stop. However, the constant wailing. Oh, the wailing. I did some troubleshooting with my own mama and she recalled that I went through a similar thing at about five months old and the pediatrician recommended starting a little bit of solid food. Upon doing some research, Paulo totally meets the criteria for starting solids: 4mos (which he will be officially on the 9th), sits supported, and is hungry like wolf.

We tried two foods today: banana and rice cereal. So far the verdict is that he prefers the banana and will tolerate the rice cereal if mixed with the banana. What I found most helpful was discovering that he prefers sucking the banana off of my finger because he hasn’t quite figured out what is going on with this spoon.

I will, of course, be double checking with his pediatrician at our four month check up next week to see what exactly he should be eating and how much. For now, we’re trying a few bites of food before nursing to try and give him some extra calories that he might be a bit more comfortable.

Pardon me while I say that all this growing up my son is doing is bananas. (B-A-N-A-N-A-S!)