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Oh boy, this is a short one. This week has been epically exhausting. Mr. Whuffles is now back to sleeping as much as he did as a newborn, which is to say… not much. He’s napping in more consistent chunks – but balancing it out by partying in the middle of the night. The adults in his life are thoroughly unamused.

We’ve also been experimenting with food as he’s displaying a lot of signs of being ready for it – especially the level to which he’s ramped up his irritability. Normally he’s a pretty chill Whuff, but lately he’s been just shrieking when he gets upset and/or hungry and we’d really like to help him just take it down a notch. However, being a typical Pisces, he’s totally ambivalent about this and not ready to commit. I can get at best four bites into him at a time, which isn’t much in the way of efficient or helpful.

We’re supposed to have his four month checkup this week, but I’m going to try and reschedule for next week and go up to Vermont to visit Oma for a few days instead so that I can get a freaking nap, yo. Nuno is also totally frazzled and needs to get some work done without the distractions of an upset Whuffle or a dead tired wife.

We did manage to have a little bit of fun anyway! We also signed a lease today! Hooray! The move to The Happy Valley is totally ON for August 15th. SWEET! So many things to look forward to – a yard! Whuff gets his own room! The house is big enough for me to have an art studio AND for Nuno to have an office space AND for a guest room! Amazing! Quiet neighborhood! No more living across from a strip club!  HUZZAH!

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