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Whuff is my co-pilot.

We drove back to Providence today. Three hours isn’t too bad when Nuno’s with us, but by myself… ugh. What it basically means is that it’s three hours with a potty break for *me* since to do so would involve taking a potentially sleeping baby out of his car seat, strapping him into the Ergo and doing my business with company. Not that I won’t do that if I have to, but unless I’m about to explode, it’s not really *worth it.*

Certainly wasn’t worth it today when 45 minutes from home, Mr. Whuffles had HAD. IT. with being in the car. I tried to nurse him and he wasn’t hungry, but he was just so happy and excited to sit on my lap and play with me… until he had to go back into the carseat and the universe was conspiring against him. And of course, there’s no way you can explain “Pal, you’re just going to have to hold on a while longer” to a four month old. There is no future. There is only now and when now sucks, everything sucks.

The evening’s been pretty ok so far, but we’re already feeling a bit edgy being back in close quarters. So happy to see Nuno and the kitties though!

While I’m alluding to this move that can not happen soon enough: I’m looking for a few guest posts to help ease the posting burden while I’m sorting out my life in a series of boxes. I already have a theme in mind and it’s something that should be easy-peasy for anyone with some kind of camera – email me (sonja dot alves at gmail dot com) if you’re at all interested!