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That’s one well baby you’re looking at right there!

Finally had Whuff’s 4mo. well baby check-up today. He’s doing awesomely. 32nd percentile for weight, which is great since he was hovering in the high-teens/low-twenties until now. EIGHTY NINTH percentile for length. This man is a string bean. He’s already in 6-9mo. sleepers (despite them being kinda like wearing giant sacks in all respects other than length) and any 3-6mo. pants are like capris, which I’m choosing to believe is a summer-time fashion statement, except that then shorts become hot-pants and…well…

Pediatrician says that the baby food regimen we’ve got (1TBSP cereal twice day mixed in with baby food) is obviously working out just fine, so that’s good to hear. I would have ideally liked to consult with her first before starting food, but it didn’t work out that way – we absolutely needed to help the guy out since he was miserable and regressing in his sleep habits. So, we had done our research and 4mos is on the early side of what’s recommended and I’m just very happy that we’ve gotten the official Seal of Approval on that one.

I also have it confirmed that I was not hallucinating about his teeth, which are indeed RIGHT THERE and going to burst through sooner rather than later. Not like, tomorrow, but like “in a few weeks” rather than “in a few months.” So, my theory that his irritability in the last few weeks was teething pain mixed in with needing more food was spot-on. Definitely boosts my confidence as a mom to hear that my intuition based on what I know about child development plus my knowledge of my own son’s normal behavior has been accurate on this, since it’s been a pretty rocky period.

It doesn’t help anyone’s irritability level that we’re in the middle of a city in the hottest part of the summer. In a 1BR. A friend pointed out that the longer this continues, the more this is like a psychological thriller wherein two nerds and one baby enter and only one leaves. And maybe also the baby. It’s so damn true and it’s why we’re going up to Vermont again a bit earlier than we’d originally planned. As in: TOMORROW. We all need some space as even the cats are out for blood at this point.

(PS: When I got preggo last summer and found out my due date was in March and not, as my shoddy math skills had predicted, in April I totally predicted that we’d end up in Vermont for a month if we weren’t going to move until August. AND LO. My hunch about “two adults… one baby… one bedroom… in July…” being a BAD idea was indeed a correct one. It was hard for Nuno to understand this seeing as it did indeed work fine up until Paulo started with this teething business, but now he sees that while we totally needed to do things this way for various reasons, it would have been so much better to move to a bigger house even just a month earlier.)