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It’s been a busy week! Spent the first few days back in Providence in order for The Whuff to have his 4mo. well-baby check up. (A wee bit late, but better late than never!) The doctor’s visit went fine, but having all three of us in a 1BR apartment during the biggest heat wave in the history of ever… did not. We had planned on coming up to Vermont this weekend anyway, and Mr. Whuffles and I will be staying when Nuno goes back to finish up some work, but the heat accelerated our departure a bit and we came up a few days early.

Even if it’s been just as hot up here, it seems cooler and we have much more space in my parents’ house to spread out and not annoy the pants off of each other quite so much. Though I’ll confess to being easily irritated these days due to hormones, heat, sleeplessness, and mosquito bites and am doing my best to quite literally chill.

We’ve had a few small adventures in Vermont so far. On Friday, to beat the heat, we spent most of the day in the air-conditioned car to the point where I honestly spent more time in the car driving around on Friday than I spent driving from Rhode Island to Vermont the day before. First we hit Borders to check out the liquidation sale – Whuffles got a few books; mostly Winnie the Pooh and a few cloth ones to chew on. Later, my mama and I took Mr. Whuffles down to the Putney Co-Op to hang out with the hippies. He very much seemed to enjoy it and for my part, I definitely enjoyed being surrounded by people even crunchier than myself. Growing up in Vermont kind of makes you a bit of a hippie by default, so I always feel very at home in places with a slight hint of patchouli.

Yesterday was a bit of a tough day with Whuff’s teething – despite it being nearly 100F, he insisted on being held the whole day. To catch a bit of a break from holding a sweaty baby, we took him to my Nana & Denna’s house where he was passed around from one lap to another. He definitely enjoyed it! And, of course, his fan club was very pleased to see him as well. We also took a short drive down to the next town over, home of Nuno’s favorite hot-dog stand. I guess the hot-dogs under the new management aren’t as good (I wouldn’t know, I didn’t get the same thing I usually order), but Whuffles was a happy camper chilling in the car for a little bit.

Today’s been another fussy day so far – after an exhausting night wherein someone decided that 1AM was time to party… until 3 – and we’re hoping to go to the pond and burn off some of his crankitude this afternoon.

This week we’ll be staying up here in Vermont and the weather looks infinitely better than last week. Very much looking forward to getting outside without immediately wanting to lie down naked in a pool of ice!

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