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Lost in a good book.

There was no photo yesterday because yesterday sucked. I won’t take photos of a shrieking Whuffle, which meant that there was no photo opportunity yesterday as all of the moments contained shrieking. It was like he had started the Society of Cranky Babies for Voldemort. Seeing as his furious maw was open for most of the day, I did get a good look at the tooth that was causing all of this agony and I’m betting it’ll break on through sometime this week or next.

Today was better. Thankfully, teething pain comes and goes. I think this is a survival mechanism for the parents. Just when you’re wondering why on earth you thought a baby was a good idea… oh, yes. That’s right. You. This is why I like having you around! Whuff was a snuggle bunny today – he’s started really snuggling this week as opposed to just being all “Yeah, so, you’re holding me.” He actually snuggles back now! Amazing!

So, snuggles. And books. We went thrifting today and while we struck out in the clothes department (nothing for me OR Whuff), I got a King’s Ransom in children’s books! Two bags full of books for 50c each! I even found two in French (including Babar!) and an untouched coloring book in German! Amazing! (Not that you asked, but I do speak both French and German. More or less.) I mostly got a bunch of Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Street books. Once Whuff displays his own preferences maybe he’ll have all Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder or whatnot, but for now, I’m asserting my influence w/r/t my own favorite children’s characters.

And not only did he read Squishy Turtle (which is his favorite book to read, and by read, I mean chew on), but we also read a few stories together. And he liked it! He really chilled out and listened and looked at the pages! He’ll be nerding out in no time!

Holy cow, I’m a big nerd who likes books – just look at all of these exclamation points!