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A whole week full of Vermont-y goodness! The two things we’ve done the most this week have been taking walks in the stroller and thrifting – very exciting. Well, the stroller at least is partially exciting as Whuff initially hated it, moved to benign indifference, and now (finally!) loves it. I had hardly used the stroller in Providence as The Whuff greatly prefers the Ergo (and still does, even with the joy that is the stroller), but it’s been SO. HOTTTTTTT. that wearing him is a sweaty mess for both of us. I love taking walks in Vermont, even if just around the neighborhood, so strolling it was. Also, my mama hangs out with Mr. Whuffles while I nap and it’s much easier for her to take him on adventures in the stroller than the Ergo. Very happy that he’s starting to love it as much as I do. (Seriously, as a nanny who has worked with many, MANY strollers professionally over the past few years, I was über picky when it came to picking a stroller and I couldn’t possibly be happier with our Luna Mix. I could wax ecstatic about it, should you care to hear my thoughts on stroller specs, which you probably don’t.)

(That is not the Luna Mix in the main photo – that’s a little Kohlcraft umbrella stroller that we only use around the house as a “chair” since my mom has a really bad arm and can’t haul him around easily. I wouldn’t take him in it outside since it only has a three point harness and ZOMG THIS CHILD AND THE WIGGLING.)

(Hi, I’m using lots of parentheses today. And apparently have a lot to say about strollers.)

As for thrifting, I’ve been looking for 6-9mo. clothes for Mr. Whuffles and oh, ANYTHING for me. We’ve struck out entirely on both fronts so far. But! We’ve managed to collect a King’s Ransom in children’s books! I’ve thus far shown an incredible amount of restraint in the book and toy departments as we didn’t have any extra space in the one bedroom apartment, but now that we’re moving… I’m still only buying things that I really, really love, but it’s pretty easy to really, REALLY love books for a quarter! I’m only picking up things in near perfect condition, but still, we’re rapidly filling the little shelf I cleared for his “library” here at Oma’s house and have a nice little pile growing to take to the new place as well. I even found Babar in French! We also hit up the local used bookstore and managed to find a few treasures there as well.

Other Vermont-y experiences have included a trip to the lake (though it was too chilly for swimming, Whuffles still enjoyed himself wiggling up a storm on the [blanket on the] grass) and a pizza night that turned into Baby’s First Jam Band experience. I guess the band was scheduled, but my parents’ friends who invited us out hadn’t realized it. Anyhow, as a good Vermonster, I’m always up for a jam band and while there was some worry that Whuff might get cranky about the health code violations (seriously, lead singer, you really need to wear some shoes when you’re 10 feet from the kitchen. I know this is Vermont and all, but SERIOUSLY.), he had a great time. And by “had a great time,” I mean he fell sound asleep. The man loves live music.

The band’s name? Plant Spirit Medicine Warrior. I AM NOT MAKING THAT UP.

And just some out takes from the week, which has also included lots of wiggling and/or time in the Exersaucer. Which he can now stand up in rather than just flopping there. It’s still really too big for him, but he’s grown into it so fast. He’s also grown OUT of his 3-6mo. sleepers despite his not even being five mos. old yet. This young man is all leg, the 3-6mos are still way baggy on top, but he can no longer straighten his legs. The 6-9 mos. are even more hilarious. It’s like he’s wearing a footed muumuu.

Also grown out of: his infant carrier. His legs now go past the edge of the seat. We’ve got a new carseat on the way – I was hoping we could wait until the move so we’d be able to just store the carrier for Eventual Second Baby, but noooooooooo.

Big plans for this week include buying more sleepers, and buying a second car to go with that car seat. Well, not actually, we were going to need a second car anyway – it’s just funny how that timing worked out.

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