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Last week, I got my period back for the first time since becoming pregnant. Yes, I’m still breastfeeding. It is possible, so be sure to talk to your OB about contraception at your post-partum check-up! Ok, PSA over!

My midwife had talked to me about the return of my period and mentioned that even with breastfeeding, it could come back right away… or when Paulo weaned… or when he simply started adding food to his diet. And lo, he started eating “solid” food (really, it’s mush. Calling it solid is really overstating it.) and I immediately ovulated. It’s like the shift between his nursing three times per night and his cutting it down to once, maybe twice on a bad night, was enough for my body to make the decision that it could indeed handle the caloric expenditure of another pregnancy.

Which is not to say I plan to get pregnant again anytime soon. (Eventual Second Baby is on the calendar for a Spring/Summer 2014 birth. I’m not kidding. There’s a calendar.) I just could.

Which is weird.

I didn’t anticipate this to be weird, but it is. For the past year, my uterus has belonged to Paulo in one way or another. And now, I’ve got it back. It’s mine again. He’s neither growing in it nor holding it hostage while he’s exclusively breastfed. It could even belong to someone else! It’s so completely bonkers to think about.

I will note that my period is a lot easier post-Whuffles. The only time I’ve had cramping has been while nursing, as breastfeeding triggers uterine contractions. Other than that… not a thing. I didn’t even have to take any Advil at any point! I didn’t have debilitating cramps by any means, but I did usually spend the first day of my period with Advil and a hot water bottle. Now, the only way I knew I was getting my period at all was because I check my cervical fluid every day and know what it looks like the day before my period.

(Yes, I just said “cervical fluid.” I only sort of apologize since you’re reading an entry about my period in the first place.)

My cervix has also changed since the birth. As in, objects totally shifted during flight in a THAT did not used to be THERE kind of way. It’s interesting to have to relearn my own personal geography.

Paulo is going to be five months old next week, and I’m not sure how long we’re going to continue breastfeeding. I’m up for doing it as long as it works, it’ll be up to him to decide when he’s ready to wean. And when he does… my whole body will be mine again. So strange to think about. I’ve been plenty happy sharing it, I’m in no particularly hurry to get it back. It’s actually kind of sad to think about. There won’t be anything that I can uniquely give him anymore.

Which is one reason I’m definitely going to do this again at some point. Sharing all of me is just such an awesome experience, I totally want to do it more than once in my life.