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Technically, this is now the *yester*-Daily Whuff. Posted on this side of midnight as Mr. Whuffles did not go to sleep until after 11, thus staying up past my own bedtime of 10:30. Yes indeed, that four hour nap from 3 to 7PM did come back and bite me.

Anyhow! Whuffles in a dishpan! And not just any dishpan, but the very dishpan in which I was bathed as a baby. Oh yes, my parents have had that dishpan for 30 years. And yes, every single time she does the dishes, my mom mentions how they used to bathe me in that dishpan. And here we are – me bathing my own kiddo in the very same dishpan. It’s one big soapy circle.

(Usually, Whuff takes a bath in the tub with me but this was an incident that needed pretty immediate clean-up. And hey! Also provided for a sappy photo-op!)