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It’s our LAST! WEEK! in Vermont! We move to our new haus in the Happy Valley TOMORROW! WOW! FINALLY!

We’ve been Vermont-ing it up as much as possible, including a trip out into the very epicenter of the woods to visit my mom’s friend Sarah. If winter weren’t a factor, I would so want to live in Sarah’s house. It’s such a gorgeous spot and as a good Vermonster, there’s nothing more peaceful to me than being out in the middle of the forest with that amazing tree and dirt smell.

We’ve done quite a few visits this week – also visiting “Aunt K” (not pictured due to teething related crankitude during said visit necessitating me swaying with the Whuff until he fell asleep and subsequently napping on my lap) and my Nana & Denna. Got to get in all of the social calls while we can as we probably won’t be back until mid-September at the earliest, which is like EONS in “people who want to snorgle the baby” years.

We’ve also been hitting up a few of my favorite spots – including the Moon Dog Café in Chester, wherein we found these Buddhas (I even purchased the print with the green background to go in our new green bedroom!) and the cardboard cut-out of the breastfeeding mama. It’s pretty amazing to find a café in which public breastfeeding is actively encouraged. I did indeed do that just that myself as Whuff and I were there at one of his many snack times.

(Seriously, this kid and the eating. He’s ramped it up to where my already voracious appetite is in overdrive and I eat enough for approximately three longshoremen.)

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