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Next up in our nesting guest posts – Amy-Alys Tillson of Life Afloat on Lucky Duck. By far the most unique house featured; she lives on a BOAT! (How she ever does this without having “I’m On A Boat” stuck in her head at all times is pretty much beyond me.)

Firstly, thanks to Sonja for the chance to guest post on her lovely blog!

My home is pretty small, so it’s difficult for me to pick out rooms that I like – really it’s all one room! You see, I live on a 7ft wide, 50ft long steel narrowboat, designed to fit England’s narrow canals. My little boat, Lucky Duck, is moored in Cambridge, on the river Cam. I’ve chosen two inside spaces and two outdoor spaces where I enjoy spending time when I’m at home. I blog at www.nbluckyduck.blogspot.com about life afloat. Do stop by!

1. Roof

When the weather is sunny, and I have friends over, the best place to sit is on the roof. It’s made of metal but painted pale grey so doesn’t get too hot – just warm enough to enjoy lounging on and eating while watching life on the river.

2. Welldeck

This is the front part of my boat, and is covered with a made to measure fabric canopy, but in the summer this can be rolled up and it’s a great place to sit and read or just watch the swans and ducks glide past! I took this photo of it when we were moored in London!

3. Bedroom sidehatch

My bedroom has a hatch just opposite the bed so I can open in up in the summer and read, with a breeze blowing in. Such a relaxing spot. When it is open, my cat Lyra thinks it is the best way to get in and out!

4. Radio corner/living room

When it’s grey and cold, sitting cosily in my living room with the woodburning stove blazing away is lovely. We don’t have a TV but on chilly evenings enjoy listening to the radio. The radio was a gift from my boyfriend and it is a replica of a vintage radio but has DAB digital! The ducks are part of our extensive collection. When you have a boat called Lucky Duck it’s inevitable!

If you’d like to share your favorite areas of your home, please go ahead and contact me! sonja dot alves at gmail dot com!