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While we’re considerably more inland than we were in Providence, we’re absolutely battening down our proverbial hatches in preparation for Hurricane Irene. I was really racking my brain for what I could come up with in terms of grown-up food (we have plenty of baby food and as long as *I* get fed, The Whuffle will have boob access, so no worries there) for more than a day without power and came up with lots and lots of pasta and various “just add water” noodle dishes. We have a gas stove, so unless the gas gets blown out somehow, we’ll at least be able to boil water. Which I bought quite a lot of in case THAT is gone too. I’m not sure how far I should be going in preparations – should I cook all of the pasta tomorrow and have it available to eat cold, or is it reasonable to expect that my stove will work? We’re 70mi. inland, if that helps your calculations.

The hurricane is really amazingly timed as Monday is Nuno’s birthday and next Sunday is my BIG. FAT. THIRTIETH. birthday. We had planned on renting a beach house in my second favorite place in the history of places (which used to be my favorite place and then I went to Algarve and now it’s slipped down incrementally to a close second) – Plum Island, MA. We were going to have the house for a week – first few days being spent with Nuno and then when he went back to work post Labor Day, The Whuff and I would be joined by my mama. To say I was looking forward to this is an understatement. I was peeing my pants with glee at the very thought.

Irene will certainly have come and gone by next Sunday, but unfortunately, if the storm is as bad as predicted – the beach will have ALSO gone. It certainly won’t be habitable for a week’s vacation if indeed things go as forecasted. So… now what?

Being a New Englander, I’m so used to weather related contingency plans for blizzards and such. Being due with Paulo in March, we had back up plans for the back up plans in case it was storming when I went into labor. However, early September has usually been absolutely gorgeous weather-wise and I honestly don’t remember a single birthday of mine when it so much as rained. So, I’m a bit stuck in re-doing my outdoor related birthday plans as this isn’t a situation that’s come up before. I want to do something fun with the family that’s at least slightly “epic” (at least more so than my birthday last year which was celebrated with a trip to Fat Frank’s – not that I minded)… so any and all ideas would be appreciated.

PS: If we don’t get to the beach this will be the first summer in my entire life in which I have not gone to the beach ever. That just boggles my mind and also is just WRONG. So wrong.