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He’s pretty enchanted by the Buddha who has taken residence over our bed. I think it’s the big ears. (It’s probably the high contrast and the green background, but the ears are still MY favorite so… yeah.)

We weathered the storm just fine – no power outages at any point, though the wind is still going, so I suppose we could still see a downed tree or two. We’ve used our time sequestered in the house to unpack and put together furniture. Amazingly, we’re all still speaking to each other. This is one of the great benefits of having an actual HOUSE – everybody can get some actual down time rather than being stuck in the same room together all day long. Rainy days are much less claustrophobic when you can get a “change of scenery” by changing rooms.

I am sad to hear that my lovely home state has not fared as well. There have already been massive floods this summer, so it’s not at all surprising that the hurricane dumping another foot of water on top of saturated ground has caused a complete and total mess. Heartbreaking, but not at all surprising. My own parents are fine – they live on what is the definition of “high ground” – though a lot of roads around them are washed out. Poor Vermont. Hopefully they’ll have a chance to rebuild at least a little before it starts snowing… which will be like, next week. (Seriously, the first snows are usually in November. Snow doesn’t necessarily “stick” until December or even January, but even an October flurry isn’t unheard of.)

In non-hurricane related news: WHUFF HAS A TOOTH.

So, yeah, we were stuck inside during a hurricane with boxes of Ikea furniture and a teething baby. And we’re all still pretty happy. It must be the cupcakes. Yes, we had cupcakes – sent from my mama in honor of Nuno’s birthday, which is tomorrow. And by tomorrow, I mean like, in half an hour. I should maybe wrap that present…