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Seen here after the FIVE. MINUTE. drive home from Stop & Shop. Totally conked out.

This is actually becoming something of a monumental problem. When he falls asleep in the car – even for a mere five minutes – he refuses to take a nap. He actually used to be the opposite; falling asleep in the car meant I could quickly nurse him when we got home and he’d go back down to sleep for a bit. Now, not only will he not go back down to sleep once I’ve stopped the vehicle, but he won’t go back to down to sleep at all. Ever. I’ve adjusted our schedule so that we just don’t go anywhere until after the morning nap, but in the afternoon…

Stay at home mom does NOT mean I am just going to stay in my house all the time. I’ve got things to do. Boring things like going to the grocery store and I want us to have adventures like going to the occasional playgroup or storytime or what have you – and these things require leaving the house. Also, my sanity. I love my house, but I can’t love coming home if I never LEAVE.

Then again… my sanity. Whuff does *so well* outside of the house. Almost always. He’s that perfectly behaved angelic little baby. He’s so social and just smiles and smiles at everyone and is becoming a huge flirt with his big blue eyes and mile long eyelashes. Happy as can be while we’re actually OUT. Absolutely loves being the Ergo and the only peep you hear out of him is his stream of consciousness whuffling.

And then. Then we have to come home. And as The King once said: That’s when your heartaches begin.

Without the second nap, we go from sweet Whuffle to Complete Banshee. Also, I might add, in addition to growing his first tooth – Whuff has hit another milestone in that he’s learned to be a manipulator. I’ll let him cry it out for a bit, but there’s this certain SHRIEK that I just can NOT stand and will pick him up when I hear it because it turns my organs into Jell-O. Well. Tonight I heard the SHRIEK and went and got him and… his face was totally dry. Not a smudge of red anywhere near his eyes. He hadn’t been crying AT ALL. He’d just figured out that if he made that damned SHRIEK that mama would come and get him because mama is a sucker.

That would be the point in the evening where I put him back down, walked away, and took a shower so as not to hear the SHRIEK that wasn’t distress at all but a cunning SHRIEK full of lies. Eventually, he cried himself to sleep, but I’ll admit that I cried a bit in the process too. (I also nursed him twice, held him, and y’know, did those mom things. Such as muttering that seriously baby, you didn’t take a second nap and now you’re a cracked out wombat and SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.)

Right now, I steel myself for an evening of misery when leaving the house in the afternoon. I so, so hope that this too is just a phase and he’ll grow out of it – especially since he does so very much enjoy the actual OUTINGS part of the program.

Anyhow. On another note: THOSE SHOES! Whuffles got a bunch of wee sneakers from Grandma Isabel and these are the last pair to still fit… and this will be the only time he wears them as by “still fit” I mean “I could squeeze them on his feet, barely.” The other two were also each only worn once, as he got them in June and keeping shoes on a baby is hard enough – keeping shoes on a baby in the summertime? I didn’t even try. But hey! Baby shoes! Slaying me with cute! I’ll definitely be saving these and putting them up on a shelf in his room for decor along with his birth announcement so when he’s a big giant kid he can hear me waxing nostalgic about how his itty bitty wee feet once fit into this itty bitty wee shoes. I get so pre-emptively nostalgic for his babyhood and then remind myself that this IS his babyhood and it’s time to just enjoy it.

Which, nap or no nap, I absolutely do. Even when it’s tough – I couldn’t possibly be happier with this little man.