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Bringing back an old feature from the nanny blogging days: (Not) For Babies – music that wasn’t written specifically with children in mind that’s awesome with kids nonetheless.

Having a kiddo of my own, we listen to music pretty much all the time. All of the times, we have the music. The boy I nannied for last year wasn’t really into music, so I worried a bit about The Whuff – but he’s absolutely a music man. I listen to a lot of the music that I listened to as a kid with him… which is to say, lots and lots of hippie dippy tunes. I was raised by musicians who were also hippies (which in some ways is like being raised by wolves – but that’s neither here nor there unless you want to talk about how “cleaning the house” meant “shoving the books under the couch.”) and being both a trained singer and a total hippie myself, we’re reliving the 60’s every day.

Of course, the classics are great, but this is 2011. You gotta spruce it up a bit now and then. Like this flamenco cover of Simon & Garfunkle. Perfect for dancing around the kitchen. Or dancing around any place, really.