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What I wore while ridiculously driving two towns over to go to CVS of all things because we’re on day TWO! without ANY nap longer than 20 minutes and my brain is going to start oozing out of my ears and needed to get out of the HOOOOUUUUUUSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE. Ahem. Anyway.

Oh hey, it would even look like I remembered how to take photos of myself! Excellent! It’s like riding a really narcissistic bike!

This outfit has been one of my summer staples. It’s really hard for me to find dresses that fit me well, even when I’m not nursing, as my b00biez… let’s just say that they were melons to start with and pregnancy/nursing means that they’re melons that you can now see from space. However the rest of me? Not so huge. So, I have the problem of anything that fits my chest is too baggy for the rest of me and things like button up shirts are just totally OUT as the fabric just starts crying that it wasn’t built for this kind of abuse. So. I found that wearing tanktops under things that are supposed to be strapless or low cut is a great solution – you can’t see my terrifyingly enormous bra in a size so large that it only comes in the color “bandage,” but the girls aren’t going to bust out to seek their fortune either.

The dress and tanktop are both from Target, or as it is known in my family, Where All Things Come From.

These sandals are exactly like wearing flip flops, only one step classier. I believe I bought them at Marshalls, which is one step classier than having also bought them at Target.

Whuffle Style:

The octopus onesie is the only thing that Nuno bought for Paulo before he was born and it just now fits as it’s size 6-12mos. It’s from Craftland in Providence, wherein one can buy any number of ridiculous silk screened baby items.

Jeans were thrifted because he’s hip like that.

Lack of shoes: yeah, I know. I’m that horrible mother with the shoeless baby. Actually, I’m that mother with a teething baby who sticks his feet in his mouth at any opportunity and it’s really nice and summery today and so… the shoe calculus resulted in sticking barefeet in mouth preferable to chewing on shoes.