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Nappin’ next to mama.

He slept fine in his Pack N Play (no, we still haven’t actually assembled the crib… next week!) this morning. And oh, how joyous it was that the two day embargo on napping was lifted. And then… this afternoon. Would. Not. Sleep in his own bed. Would. Not. I could get him to sleep either by nursing him or just lying next to him (which I haven’t been able to do since he was a newborn, so that’s certainly different) but then, even if he’d stay asleep long enough for me to get him in bed, he’d start HOWLING as soon as he woke up and realized he was alone.

The poor guy was so, so upset that I had to just have him in bed with me and play silly iPhone games while he napped. It was very sweet to have him cuddling with me, but also highly inconvenient as I couldn’t get up and do anything and wasn’t tired enough to sleep myself. Oh well. It got him to nap and that’s what counts. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll find a way to make it work wherein I can also do things like “get up to pee.”