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Bathing Suit: Marshall’s. FIVE DOLLARS. Amazing.

So, trying to leave the house with a baby and nine hundred things and one of those things got left behind… my bathing suit. Sure, the beach off of the northern coast of Massachusetts is kind of like swimming in the penguin tank at the aquarium. I am admittedly insane when it comes to swimming. Totally bonkers. I went crawling headfirst into the ocean before I could walk. I have stuck my fool head into the Atlantic every single year of my life. And so… when I found that I remembered diapers, baby food, formula (which why did I even bring?),  a sun hat, forty seven onesies… but not a bathing suit… it was time to track one down.

On Labor Day weekend. Which gave me exactly one option on the Marshall’s clearance rack. It was either “b00bz falling right the hell out” or this. The suit looked pretty old-lady on the hanger, but when I put it on? I’m kind of in love with my $5 suit. Pretty much totally.