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[ First, and unrelatedly, I know it’s kind of the “thing” to post during the day… but I’ve recently started spending an hour of quiet time in my studio in the evening and Holy Mother of Dog if it isn’t the greatest thing in the entire world. So, I hope you, my six eight readers can handle late night posts. If you go to bed at a reasonable hour, it’ll give you something to read when you wake up! ANYHOODLE. This is pretty much just to say that I have this studio! in my house! And I’ve actually unpacked enough to spend TIME in it and WHEEEEEEEEE!]

Ahem. Moving on.

Here you have a photo of Mr. Whuffles’ historic FIRST! TRIP! TO THE LIBRARY! Yes, we’re finally settled in a place well enough to do things like “get a library card.” He’s pretty fond of books (and let’s face it, if he wasn’t, we’d need to get a maternity test) and really loved everything about our afternoon outing except for that whole “Touch with your hands, not with your mouth” part. Who can blame him? Books are delicious. I devour them on a regular basis. Though in a much more metaphorical kind of way.

I, on the other hand, was less thrilled. Because this is also the photo of the only baby at playgroup.

Yeah, we’re settling in well and I love our house and I love this area and it’s not even getting used to an *entirely* new place because I’ve lived here before… but…

I miss Providence. I had friends! That I would run into at the grocery store! We even managed to squeeze in a few weeks at a playgroup with some really awesome mamas! I also just miss it because it was my awesomely weird little city and I lived there for longer than I lived anywhere that wasn’t Vermont. The Happy Valley does live up to its name, but I’m still a little wistful for Lil’ Rhody. We’ve hit a new phase of the transition – we’re completely unpacked and settled in the house and life is no longer chaos, however, we haven’t yet established ourselves well enough yet for life to be completely routine. I guess that’s the feeling I miss. The feeling of being just very grounded in where I am. I get glimpses of it here when hanging out in Northampton – as I spent a significant chunk of my college career doing just that – but the ins and outs of living here with a baby are still new enough to be a bit disorienting.

I very much want to meet some more mamas and we’ll try again next week. In the meantime, I’ve got plans this weekend with some friends from college and look forward to seeing some old-new-faces! And burritos! Old-new-burritos! (Well, hopefully NEW-new-burritos, but from the old-burrito-place-that-is-now-my-new-burrito-place.)