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Hooray, we finally have a real crib for The Whuffle! Finding a crib that I liked was a lot harder than I thought. A lot of convertible cribs have one side higher than the other for converting into a day bed later and that aesthetic really just did not appeal to me in any way. I very much liked the “European style” cribs in which all sides were the same height, but most of them were far pricier than we were prepared to go. I checked out a moderately priced one at Babies R Us and was shocked at how short it was, which not only seemed like a bad idea for constant bending over the crib, but also for a child as adventurous as mine seemed like a recipe for Crib Break Out. In the end, I went with this “sleigh crib” and am very happy with it – especially since the finish and the curve of the legs go so well with our changing table, despite not being from the same “collection.”

Yes, I know. Crib bumper. I KNOW. However. With my LAND. SQUID. I worry so much more about break-out attempts, limbs getting stuck through the slats, and generalized bruising than I do about suffocation. He’s big enough now to hold his head up and roll over (and over. and over. and over. and over.) again if he gets stuck somewhere. I’m using the one that came with his sheets, but would absolutely invest in a more breathable mesh bumper for a younger baby more prone to getting stuck.

Crib in greater context. As you can see, the rocking chair that was picked to go with our living room furniture is now the odd man out and looks kind of funny with the birch finish. Eventually, we’ll have a bigger antique piece from my grandparents and this will go in our guest room. We honestly don’t even use it that often and is definitely tops on the list for “Baby Stuff Everyone Said I Would Use and Yeah, It Was Nice When It Worked Those Five or Six Times But Beyond That, Wish I’d Saved the Money For More Hats.”  The rocking chair really came in most handy when I was in labor and for that it was truly priceless, but we absolutely could have survived without it.

One thing we couldn’t live without is the white noise machine whose cord is oh so unattractively visible under the crib, but whatevs. It’s at least not running across the floor where it will inevitably be grabbed.

Bedding! Those of you who read my old nannying/pregnancy blog will remember that Paulo was “The Piglet” in utero and this contributed to the Pooh elements of his “Hundred Acre Wood” room. You can’t see too clearly, but the fitted sheet has a Pooh creatures pattern and the quilt is made up of a number of Pooh fabrics. The quilt was made by my mama and the sheet/bumper set are from Babies R Us. The bunny is Whuff’s chosen lovey and was a gift from Grandma Isabel. Very convenient to have a lovey from PORTUGAL as oh yes, that’s going to be so easily replaced should it ever get lost. *sigh*

I’ll go ahead and confess that I totally, totally covet the Skip Hop bedding set that matches our playmat because HOLY GORGEOUS. However, I truly can’t justify spending that much for something he’s going to drool and barf on considering we have perfectly cromulent bedding as is. I also do love that his quilt was handmade by his Oma.

And yes, again, I know. BLANKETS. My crib is one giant safety hazard. But this is what comes with having a LAND SQUID. I tried sleep sacks because I don’t like blankets in the crib – especially since he just kicks them off and then wakes up a little Whuffsicle. However. He can twist himself to the point of getting his legs into the wrong legs of his pajamas and go the sleep sacks so twisted around him that they were quite frankly a bit dangerous. He has yet to get a blanket stuck in his face since we stopped swaddling him and is very adept at holding up his own head, so again, I don’t worry about suffocation as much as I did in the newborn days and truly, getting stuck in something constraining due to his own twisting is a much, much bigger concern for me. And since he does kick off blankets, we’ve had to turn the heat on low at night already to ensure that he doesn’t freeze. It’s going to be a very long, very expensive winter because even with layered jammies and wearing hats to bed – this is New England if there’s one thing we have in excess it’s COLD.

(Yeah, it’s funny to see these pics taken last week with him in his summer playsuit when now he’s wearing his hoodies. Ah, New England. Your weather is so schizophrenic.)