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Whuffed. Out. After playgroup yesterday.

First, and unrelated to anything – I know the internet is all cheesed off about the FaceBook layout change. And I know that people with an amount of perspective are enjoying reminding them that there is also great injustice in the world and our political process is tantamount to donkey basketball at this point in time. And I was one of those people. With perspective. About Facebook anyway. But… then… INSTAGRAM! HOW DARE YOU?! I upgraded and now I can’t retrieve my be-filtered photos off of my phone in their be-filtered state. Look. If I have to re-edit the damn thing, there’s no point in using Instagram in the first place unless I desire to have a horde of followers writing “Zomg follow my pics pls ❤ ❤ ❤ flowers <3” I can just hear my DSLR laughing smugly that its competition is losing steam.


Playgroup. We played! In a group! A small group, but a group nonetheless!

Given that he’s our first baby, I’m very curious when around other kiddos to see how The Whuff is going to react. He loves people in general, so it would follow that he would love babies. Even if they’re not half as handsome as that baby in the mirror (and really, who is?). As someone who has spent a lot of time with a lot of babies, I was truly astounded watching Paulo playing yesterday.

First of all, he was actually playing. Y’know, for a man of his age. He was rolling around with the other babies taking stuff out of their hands and pulling on their ears. For which he was rewarded with fingers in his eyes, but hey, that’s babies for you. That he was purposefully interacting with the other kids was a pleasant surprise to see.

What really took me aback was his reaction when another little boy accidentally bonked his head. The other little guy was crying and all of the babies were a little concerned by this – and Paulo just couldn’t take it. I had to hold him and rock him as if he were hurt. I was both heartbroken for him and just floored at this little person’s capacity for empathy. He truly just couldn’t stand to hear another baby in pain.

Of course, he’s a baby and also can’t stand to hear the vacuum – but whatever. I’m his mom and am allowed to think he’s a super genius for finding his own feet, so I can be really wowed by his early display of compassion. I’m also writing this down for the day when he has siblings and inevitably starts throwing things at their heads. Just to know that this seed is in him and has always been there and it’s just him – this incredibly wiggly, incredibly sweet little Whuffle.

(PS: I’ve started a FaceBook page for this here blogamajig. You can “like” it for updates and stuff and I might put things there that don’t get put here. Possibly some of the ten thousand videos I have of Whuff doing something cute and my narrating like a dork in that squeaky mom voice.)