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Playin’ with the chopsticks at Diane’s baby shower.

While he’s having a hard time settling down tonight, Whuff certainly earned the title of World’s Best Baby today. I was a bit nervous about the shower as I knew this would be a LOOONNNGGGG day for us. Two hours drive to get there. Two hours hanging out. And then another two hours back. And he was perfect. Grunted a bit on the way there so we stopped to play a few times. Was just as social (and wiggly) as could be at the shower – you would never have guessed that he was in an unfamiliar place with a group of chattering strangers during his naptime. We left as soon as he started seriously fussing and timed it so that we got him at peak sleepiness and he fell asleep rather than ramping it up with the screaming.

Even if we have to be up several times tonight to re-adjust to the routine, I’m seriously, seriously impressed with how well he handled such a long day.

(Better than I did. I was losing it on the drive home and had to just lie on the couch while he watched cartoons to regain control of my brain cell. That’s right. Cell. Singular. It was a long day.)

[ ED: It took FOR. EVER. to get him down to sleep last night and actually involved resorting to the rocking chair that is almost never used because he didn’t want to nurse so much as “gnaw on my boob” and he’s got teeth now and OUCH. But after that, he slept through the night, so hey. So much better than I expected and seriously, Best Baby Ever.)