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The bedroom! Still very much in progress, but getting cozier by the minute. I’ve finally won the battle of “Getting Some Freaking Color Into My Life” though living with a minimalist means that I’ve also acquiesced to “Splotches of Color Mixed In With Mostly Black and White.”  To say that Nuno and I have diverging styles of decorating is like saying that Hitler and Gandhi had different ideas about government.  My bedroom before we moved in together was covered in tapestries and my bed had 49,000 different pillows and approximately 1287 (give or take) quilts. It was indeed the coziest bed ever. Nuno… had three black and white paintings on the walls, two pillows, and one white blanket. It’s been an uphill battle for sure and I’d still like a few more pillows in my life, but we’re getting there.

Bed! You may recognize this blanket as the basis for the nesting feature header. (You should since it’s right up there above this photo and all.) This is the blanket that we got because it’s machine washable and thus better for baby barf than the dry clean only quilt we had before… only we found out two days before Paulo was born that it didn’t fit in our old washing machine and that was an awesome adventure in cat poop and a waterlogged blanket. Smooth. I’m pretty much in love with it though, so it stayed despite being just as inconvenient as the old one since we have to take it in to the cleaners if it gets seriously soiled. Whatever.

There are two duvets under it – one for each of us since SOMEONE will take blankets off of the bed and its other occupants in the world’s sneakiest fashion. The duvets actually have to be uncovered because that citizen will also somehow strip them and end up with just a cover with a ball of duvet in the corner. It’s seriously mystifying. He also strips his pillows of the pillowcases every single night. Yes, every  morning I have to put the pillowcases back on when I make the bed. He’s a postmodern bed deconstructionist.

So, we have an infant and every item of our bedding – save for the sheets – is dry clean only. This is perhaps the dumbest thing ever.

(Blanket and curtains from Target [Where All Things Come From]. Buddha from Moon Dog Café in Chester, VT. Blue cubby/nightstand from Target [WATCF]. Ok, you can’t really SEE it, but you can trust me that it’s there and turquoise and I thought it would go better with the room than it actually does, but whatever – replacing it with a white one seems silly at this point and I really wish that it came in orange but could not find an orange one so there you have it.)

Corner. Better view of the curtains.

And ok, there wasn’t the most natural light this morning and maybe I should have turned on a lamp or two, but you get the idea.

The butterfly collage was made by me and the postcard under it (which you can’t really see) has a long story behind it and the short version is that it was the postcard for my gallery show at AS220 back in March of ’07. It’s also a postcard that was on Nuno’s fridge when we met and that was totally weird and fate-like and I guess that’s the whole story right there. It’s what gave me the push to go from “I like this guy but maybe a rebound relationship isn’t the best idea” to “OK FINE LET’S GO.” He hadn’t met me when he saw the show and when I dumbfoundedly explained upon seeing this that “That’s. My. Show.” he didn’t believe me until I took the card down and showed him my name right there on the back. So, now it’s framed in our bedroom because HELLO FATE OR WHATEVER.

Bureau has no interesting story and is from Ikea.

Bureau. You can see that my side has several jewelry boxes, some prints to be framed, and my extensive perfume collection. Nuno’s side… speakers and an iPad. And oh, my laptop. Just hanging out with the other technology so it didn’t get lonely. The baby converse will eventually be put in a shadowbox in Paulo’s room, but are displayed here for now as it was the best place for them not to end up in Paulo’s mouth.

Bureau is still from Ikea. Boxes are all of various provenance including “A cigar box that someone gave me for no reason,” “A wooden box made by my mother in law,” and “a porcelain box that used to belong to my great-grandmother,” and not quite so visible “an old cheese box from some cherry flavored cheese that was actually better than it had any right to be.”

(And yes, I’ll take those towels down to the kitchen – I just finished folding the laundry when I took these pics as that’s the moment when the room is the most photogenic.)

Closet/doorway. Why I didn’t bother neatening up the closet door is a mystery, but let’s just call it “Going for the verité” rather than what it really is which is “I hid all sorts of piles of stuff and then got kind of lazy  at the end.” Also seen in the background my hamper and the greatly unorganized library/guest room in which SOMEBODY needs to put his books away so that I can take more ridiculous outfit photos as that’s the room with the combo of “best lighting” plus “most interesting backdrop.”

(Also: the irony that our resident neat freak is the one whose books are strewn across the floor does not escape me.)

Room as seen from door. Yes, yes, the lighting blows. Had I waited for a day with better lighting we might have never gotten this post as the odds that that day would have also had a room worth photographing are slim to none.

Yes, the lamp is leaning against the wall. The base broke during the move and we haven’t gotten around to replacing it yet. Also visible: Whuff’s best friend – Mr. Ceiling Fan. I also feel compelled to point out that while I picked the light mint color for the walls, the carpets were NOT my idea and as we’re renting the house I’m kind of stuck with them and my hatred of them knows no bounds. Ok, maybe some bounds, but there’s a lot of hatred.

So, there you have it. Bedroom! Where we have a bed!