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When I went back to get him, the shoe was in his mouth. And here I thought I’d have a few more months before the struggle of “Shoes stay ON!” set in. Being that chasing down shoes and putting them back on infant feet is not my idea of a fun hobby and – in the words of Eddard Stark – winter is coming, I bought a second pair of the Babies R Us Robeez knock offs that he hasn’t managed to loose from his feet. Yet.

(That book on gears in the back seat? Written by my great-grandfather and given to Nuno by my grandfather as it might “come in handy” some day. It is difficult to fathom which day that would be, exactly, since most of the world survives just fine without detailed gear handbooks, but hey! Should a gear related emergency arise – we’re ready!)

(The red thing would be the nose of his toy giraffe, which he eschewed for the delicious shoe.)

You may or may not have noticed I wrote this angry thing here earlier… and it’s not here anymore. Yeah, about that. I realized not long after writing it that HOLD ON, not only do my complaints make me look like more than a bit of a hypocrite – but that’s just not me. It’s just one in a series of incidents lately where I’m just so irritable and I have no idea why. Hormones? Let’s blame hormones. Also: it’s October which is traditionally a Bad Month in the history of Sonja’s Mood.

Anyhow, I would really like to be more relaxed and groovy and have no idea from whence cometh this eruption of bile. I’m not an angry person and I certainly don’t want people who read this and don’t know me personally to get the idea that I’m sitting around pointing my finger in judgement at the internet at large. (Though there are a few times when I have to back away from the computer because someone was just totally wrong on the internet – but they’re really few and far between.) I’m really quite mellow. Save for these hormones. Or maybe my chakras need to be cleansed. (How does one even do that? Chakra soap?)

Right. I don’t know what it is that’s making me so touchy, so rather than try to root out the source, I’m just going to try to chill out moment by moment. I’m also reading some books by the Dalai Lama – because hey, can’t hurt.