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Once again, we have the only baby at Thursday afternoon playgroup. Babies of Western Massachusetts! Come to the library and play!

I’m having a bit of trouble with playgroups and Paulo’s schedule. The 1-3 block of time is perfect for us, but this drop-in group is really hit or miss, as evidenced by the fact that we’ve got about a 50% track record of being the only ones there. The Tuesday afternoon new moms’ group is better in terms of attendance, but the babies are all much, much younger and I don’t know how much longer it’ll really be relevant for us.

I really want to meet some other mamas in the area, but most of the established groups are in the mornings during Whuff’s usual naptime. I guess he’s kind of marching to his own drummer in terms of his sleep patterns since I’m gathering that the 1-3 timeslot is naptime for all of the other babies, whereas it’s the one time of day when I know he’ll be up. We’ll just keep plugging away at it. If nothing else, it at least gets us out of the house. Mr. Whuffles certainly didn’t mind being the only one there today, it meant that he could scoot across the carpet with fewer obstacles!

[PS: This is our 200th post! Meaning… nothing at all!]