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A very, very Happy Birthday to Paul Simon! And the 25th anniversary of Graceland! I don’t think I’m overstating that Graceland was absolutely THE defining album of my childhood. I listened to it on repeat for pretty much YEARS after it came out. And now, I still never, ever get sick of it. Seems to be the same for many of my generation as it was the album that everyone seemed to own regardless of other musical preferences. Certainly if I had to pick one album from my childhood to encapsulate the whole experience, that would be the one.

Whuff and I also listen to quite a lot of Paul Simon pretty much every day. He’s featured prominently in Whuff’s playlist and his songs are just so perfect for kids, simple and upbeat and still musically rich. Amazing stuff.

So, maybe it’s cliché to pick this one – but it’s a classic. And still, 25 years later, just as fun to sing along.