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We applied for Whuff’s passport today – he’s one step closer to becoming an International Man of Mystery! Oh, what a proud mother am I that border control will be checking out that big drool spot for the next five years. I try to put on a respectable sweater and not your AC/DC onesie and THIS IS THE THANKS I GET.

It should be noted that to get this picture, he’s lying on a cardboard box. Also: as soon as I put him down, he started flailing around like a crazy person. Like he does. The photographer said “Oh, I’ll just wait until he settles down.” Yeah, we might still be waiting. Not pictured: my gently pinning his extremities.

The passport application has a mandatory field for “occupation.” They do indeed accept “baby” (or rather” CHILD”), however I had some other ideas. Namely: Urologist. Food critic. Graduate Student in Library Science. Astronaut. Member of the US Olympic Swim Team in the 400IM. Janitor. Drummer – he’s between bands right now and doesn’t want to talk about it.