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We made it to Portugal! Everybody lived through the flight! Even better – everybody SLEPT through the flight. (Well, everybody but me – and I don’t count because I never sleep on planes.) It was truly a Christmas Miracle. The very, very long trip couldn’t have been smoother – the only hitch was a very rude United Airlines employee, and complaints have been filed both formally and just to the universe at large.

One huge advantage of flying out of a tiny local airport rather than Boston’s Logan International Foolishness is that security was a breeze. There was an extra wide scanner that the stroller fit on with no problem. I was able to keep Paulo in the Ergo and just walk through the porno-scanner [PS: to the person who thought “RAPISCAN” was the name for these machines… did not think that one through.] and have my hands checked for… ? Explosives, I assume? Baby poop? I dunno. Either way they let me on the plane, so whatever terror lives on my hands was of no concern to my fellow passengers. And that was it, in terms of extra new stuff that we had to do with the baby. Let’s just say that I’ve flown trans-Atlantically oh, ONCE OR TWICE before in my life, so I’m pretty familiar with the drill.

We got into Lisbon on Tuesday morning and I proceeded to pass out – Monday through Wednesday is pretty much a blur for me. Whuff adjusted to the jet lag pretty well and was only up once in the night on Tuesday and after a few days of playing it by ear, is now on his normal sleep schedule. I’ve adjusted pretty decently by now, mostly due to having a grandmother on hand to play with the baby so I can SLEEP! once in a while. It’s amazing!

We’ve now made it to our final destination, which is in the Algarve. (I guess you use “The” in English like “The Hague,” but in Portuguese it’s just “Algarve” so it sounds funny with the definite article all being posh and stuff.) Algarve is totally my favorite place in the history of places. I haven’t posted yet because I haven’t had access to camera – mine is in the US, and the one I’m borrowing from my mother-in-law brilliantly got left behind in Lisbon and will be joining us either tonight or tomorrow. (My father-in-law is bringing it with him, so it’ll definitely be here for Whuffsmas.)

So, here are some old photos from past trips here. It’s winter now, so that means the nights are very chilly – especially in a summer house that was built to stay *cold* and oh boy, it does its job – but the general scenery is just as beautiful at 17C as it as at 40.

This is the house where we’re staying. Please note: this photo is ENTIRELY UNEDITED. This is just what the light looks like around here. Amazing. Actually, none of these photos have been edited. There’s simply no need.