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We had a lovely Christmas Eve here in Algarve… with one notable exception. The Portuguese tradition of doing presents at midnight is pretty much the WORST IDEA EVER with an infant. We also have a three and a half year old with us who is used to doing things this way, so it would have been tricky to change things up. We thought about having Paulo do his presents in the morning, but brought him downstairs because it was going to be so loud that his waking up seemed inevitable – and I wouldn’t have been able to hear him. This may have been a mistake – I dunno.

In any case, a very very tired Whuffle meant that I couldn’t get him off my lap in order to take pictures. My father-in-law grabbed the camera and got a few of the present induced chaos, but I wasn’t able to really capture the Whuff’s reaction to Christmas (which was, in all honesty, nonplussed).

Anyhow – all of the photos can be seen on Flickr here. Some highlights: