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Appropriately saying goodbye to 2011, the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, at “Bunny Rabbit” (Coelha) Beach. There’s no big “Year in Review” post from me – mostly because we brought one laptop on this trip and it wasn’t mine, so I don’t have access to my photo library and, well, I don’t have the patience to curate such a thing right now. Suffice it to say that 2011 was the greatest year of my life, welcoming the Whuffle, having a wedding, moving into our home… if 2012 is even *half* as good, I’m a very very lucky lady.

(Apropos of nothing, it seems that upon turning 30, all of my friends have gone and gotten knocked up as 2012 seems to be the YEAR OF THE BABY. And one of them, sometime, HAS to have a girl. Honestly, every baby I know personally from 2011 is a boy and all of the babies “on deck” whose genders are known are boys. If the human race is to continue, someone’s got to through in a few more XX chromosomes into the mix.)

So, yes, here are some photos from the beach. [Total set on Flickr ] Which, incidentally, used to be much more beach. The ocean has reclaimed quite a lot of the sand, revealing the rocks that lay beneath. Nicely poetic, but we probably won’t be hanging out here quite so much in the future as it’s awfully treacherous for wandering Whuffles.