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FRIST!!!eleven!!!! time riding in the cart! (Well, ok, my mom says she put him in the cart… at the liquor store [STAY CLASSY, MOM] but I wasn’t there to see it so it doesn’t count. Like the tree in the forest – if mama doesn’t see a milestone, it didn’t happen.)

Up until now, we’ve used the Ergo for errands and I totally can’t recommend it enough. So much easier than lugging a car seat and trying to get it safely in a cart (the only real way is to put it in the basket part, which makes the cart pretty useless if you only have the front bit to put things in) and then the baby has to get all heavy and that’s a drag. Once he’d outgrown the infant insert – at about three months – we started using the Ergo every time we went out and it was perfect. We’ve used the stroller very occasionally in certain situations, but 99% of the time The Whuff has been my favorite accessory.

So, what changed? Well, it’s not that he’s too big. He fits just fine and the Ergo distributes weight so well that my shoulders and back have yet to become sore from carrying him. It’s that he’s a LAND. SQUID. A LAND. SQUID. who has developed a fascination with my eyes, specifically with trying to GRAB them. It’s pretty damn distracting to try and navigate through Target (Where All Things Come From) with baby claws in your eyes. (Because no matter how many times you trim them, those nails are SHARP.) And so, we’ve moved on to the next logical step. Bud, you’re gonna be strapped into this here cart.

And he loved it.

And so, here we are losing yet another part of babyhood and moving into kid territory. I’m not taking the Ergo out of my car just yet – I’m sure that there are going to be times when wearing him is what makes the most sense. I’m a little sad about this one – babywearing has been one of my absolute favorite parts of motherhood as I can smooch him on the head 12,000 times while buying groceries. I’ve absolutely loved it. I think I’ll miss this one more than I miss breastfeeding. (Which – can I say – that no longer breastfeeding is AMAZING. I would have gone as long as he wanted, but I’m really happy to be done now.)

Also – pointing! He points! A lot! And at the same time is kind of flipping me off! All the time! It’s awesome!