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Back when we moved into the new haus, I posted some photos of my lovely studio. And it looked like that for pretty much five months… until… art hit. Like a tornado.

I’ve never, ever been able to keep a studio space clean when I’m actually working in it. To me, a clean studio is a sign of stagnation. And it only took a day from it to go from pristine… to this.

Ok, it’s blurry and the lighting sucks (it’s my attic and we haven’t yet perfected the lighting situation. It’s just as precarious for working as it is for photographing – though there is one strong light on my desk, so cutting isn’t *too* bad) but you get the idea. It’s not going to be photogenic no matter how many lights I shine on it or what angles I use. Maybe a nice super-close up will be romantic… but…

This is the trash pile in the middle of the room. Yeah, it’s just a pile. It goes into a bag at the end of the night. It’s seriously a lot easier to just dump papers into a pile as I work rather than things like “aiming into a trashcan.” Yeah. Call it laziness, I call it interrupting the flow. Oh, and my assistant. She also sometimes helpfully likes to sit on unfinished work. It’s really helpful.

Desk. I seriously could use a desk 12oox this size as no matter how big the desk, as soon as I start putting shit on it, the usable space becomes about 5″. You can see the edge of my computer – I’m always “multitasking” and often have gChat going as well as Pandora. I can’t work without music. It’d be like trying to work without air. Funny thing about working artistically as a mom – my music is played at a volume several orders of magnitude lower than it used to be as I also need to hear if my son has woken up. In the past, I’ve also been a huge fan of working with a movie/TV show in the background and have done some of my best work to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

(PS: Clementine? They kind of stole my personality for her. Except I drink less. And my hair is brown. But other than that. I may have become more boring around the edges, but she’s totally me circa age 24.)

Knife and cutting board. And bird. As you can see, those wings are TINY. This is my least favorite most fiddly piece to cut and lo, these birds were specifically requested for a commission. *sigh* I’ll be happy when I run out of that paper… In the mean time. Stupid wings.

Though it’s a good way to show off my mad exacto knife skillz. I’ve got mad skillz.