Holy cow has this ever been a crazy week for my blog. Having a post featured on the front page of WordPress has increased my traffic rates *ten fold.* It’s totally bizarre.

Naturally, it’s got me considering where I want to go with this in the future as the art posts are new here and I do want to continue with them… but then does that become the focus? And then what about The Whuff? I’m leaning towards not over thinking it and whatever I want to post – that’s what I’m going to post. So, if you’re new, try not to be too disappointed if this is not an “all art all the time” blog and if you’re really only interested in Mr. Whuffles, try to make a little room for some art. Ok!

Things I’ve seen on the intertubes! That you might also enjoy!

Birth Markings is a wonderful short film (20min) of women showing their bellies and telling their stories of their relationships to their bodies post-baby. I personally hate the idea of getting back to my “pre-pregnancy” state because my body has fundamentally changed – this was wonderful to watch and made me feel more comfortable with my own little muffin top.

Couple Reveals Child’s Gender 5 Years Later.  I’m totally amazed at these parents and their dedication to what’s important to them in refusing to budge in answering everyone else’s curiosity. Gendering in children is such a weird phenomenon, and this is really amazing partly because it’s just so much *easier* to buy the “blue is for boys, pink is for girls” marketing shtick than to try to walk a neutral middle road.

Bewildering and Intriguing Vintage Ads… Featuring Babies. I should show the 7-Up ad to my pediatrician when she starts giving me flack about letting my son have (watered down!) apple juice instead of plain water. And you know what my strawberry blonde/blue eyed baby really needs? A TAN! Right before he starts shaving!

While people sometimes have trouble with Paulo’s name [POW-lo], he should be grateful that I vetoed the very idea of a Sci-Fi name. The whole name nerd’s List of the Week page is a name, well, nerd’s wet dream.

As if my crazy mad birth playlist posting wasn’t enough for you – Rookie Mag has a playlist devoted to Adventures in Babysitting.

French children don’t throw food. I’ve seen a lot of these things true about Portuguese children as well. I wouldn’t describe this as a “better” method of parenting than what’s typical for the US, just very different.

Annnnddddd, something artsy! A peek inside the studio from Michelle of Armas Design.