A pretty normal and chill week around here. Whuff’s finally enjoying “reading” his books, which warms the cockles of my heart. (Also can stop questioning WHOSE CHILD IS THIS? Because oh, that’s right. He IS mine.) A quick before/after of my haircut – which I’d been agonizing over. Suffice to say, the stylist salvaged my hormonally wrecked mane. And, y’know, it’s not a good week for a Whuffle unless you chew on some stuff.

And now! Links! To stuff you might enjoy!

A great collage tutorial by Gabriel Garbow for anyone looking to cut stuff up!

AskMetaFilter helps out with active games for preschoolers in the dead of winter.

Amalah compiled a complete Ultimate Master List for everything you could possibly need for a sick kiddo. Amazingly comprehensive and even though I’ve dealt with many a sick kiddo in my day, I’ve mentally added a few items to grab next time I’m out just in case.

Four minus one makes five offers an excellent response to the article on French vs. American parenting that’s been going around – or, more simply, child led vs. parent led parenting.

Maps of fictional places: The world of the Princess Bride, the Hundred Acre Wood, Oz, The Hobbit, and The Mysterious Disappearance of Leon.