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While collage is my main medium and certainly the only one I ever exhibit in all seriousness, I do occasionally do other artsy stuff – mostly “play with my camera” but also “drawing things” crops up from time to time.  I don’t really do much realism or drawing from life (partly because it’s just not my thing and partly because I’m kind of crap at it) – I mostly doodle illustrations of song lyrics. And in that grand tradition…

… and also the grand tradition of “Somehow I started doodling these heads with no eyes and they appealed to me in a sort of creepy yet soothing sort of way and here you go.” This has nothing to do with my abilities w/r/t drawing eyes, which I assure you I can do passably well.

So, here’s my drawing of “A Beast For Thee” – which I’ve been listening to nonstop for days because it’s haunting and also embodies so many of my feelings towards the Whuffle and coincidentally, he was born on a Wednesday which also fits with the lyrics and yeah, I’m a sap.

Lovin’ some way you choose 
God’s plans can easy bruise 
One bone and blood mass we fuse 
And I can be
A beast for thee I will toil for years and years 
Give you muscle, tone, and tears 
Overcome and play all fears 
Leaving me 
A beast for thee

And at home on Wednesday morn 
Astride my horny horde 
You’ll be in glory born 
And I will a beast for thee
Happily a beast for thee 
Quietly a beast for thee
Endlessly a beast for thee