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Eventful week in life – I had geared up for a nice (if also low-key) Valentine’s Day complete with flowers and dinner… and ended up spending the evening in the pediatrician’s office getting antibiotics. (I still got flowers though. And Nuno got his very own rose bush.) The rest of the week has been bad-mood-management and it’s got me counting down the days until we’re done with the antibiotics. (Next Friday.)

Inversely, it was a slow week around the interblags – but here are some things you might enjoy.

If you can’t stand the Wiggles one more damn time, there’s always Baby Metal.

A bonafide sex educator is publishing a children’s book on what *really* makes a baby.

Some beautiful children’s book tattoos.

If you read my Baby Essentials series this week and thought “Damnit, woman, I’m a better hippie than you. I must know about cloth diapers!” Well, MODG has you covered.