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I hesitate to call this version 2.0 as it’s still far, far from finished – but we’ve made a few improvements to the Whufflery. (Versions 1.0 and 1.5) I need more artwork for the walls, definitely. It’s been harder than I initially thought to find things in a sort of “woodland” theme. Most gender neutral things are more safari-esque and boys’ décor tends to be either sports or transportation based. I’m not against using non-kiddo specific items, I just haven’t found any of those that I like either. You can see that the large wall-hanging is actually his old playmat. When the packaging suggested “use as wall-hanging!” I thought “Package. That is dumb. Who wants a playmat on their wall?” Turns out, it actually looks really nice and is better than stuffing it in the closet.

I also think a rug might really tie the room together.

Anyhow, today we installed the bookcase. (Which is from Target, if you care about that kind of thing.) This had become a necessity over the past few weeks when The Whuff expanded his “book reorganizing” repertoire to include “spreading the books out from where they were stacked by the window and then standing on them while pulling himself up on the windowsill.” Yeah, that’s a recipe for a head injury right there. (Note: the book case is bolted to the wall. Because, yeah. We have THAT baby.) So, it became necessary to finally have a book containment area – even though his library is still meager. I’ve been acquiring things little bits at a time based on his attention span and interests. His current favorites are Eric Carle and some Winnie the Pooh books I found at a thrift store. Pro Tip: Thrift stores are gold mines for children’s books and you don’t really care so much if they get ruined because hey, they were a quarter.

The only missing piece of furniture thus far isn’t “missing” so much as we’ll be replacing the current rocking chair (which is the only piece with the light birch-y wood and not the dark “espresso” finish and yes, that’s driving me crazy) with a bigger heirloom piece from my grandmother. It comes with footstool, which will be great fun for pushing around the room and getting trapped under, I’m sure.

Also missing: the old lamp. Yeah, we had to move/remove ALL cords because someone has a heat-seaking missile sort of sense around electrical cords and it was quite frankly exhausting. We’re renting, so we’re sort of stuck with the ceiling fixture, though I totally fantasize about replacing it with a paper lantern. Oh well. (See also: totally stuck with this beige carpeting. At least our landlord was nice enough to let us pick the wall color.)