[ Some photo catch-up of my day trip to PVD – including a lovely afternoon with my dear friend Susan! Also: our freakishly warm weather this past week, making the normal temps forecast for this week seem bleak and cold in comparison. ]

These gorgeous, gorgeous bracelets make me almost sad that Whuff’s weaned. I’ve absolutely bookmarked this site as a go-to for gifts for pregnant friends. The bracelet to tell which boob is next when breastfeeding is worth its weight in gold.

Embroidered X-Rays by Matthew Cox are simply stunning. I do love anatomy-based artwork!

Ask MetaFilter collects some of the greatest experiences in life.

Why I Tearfully Deleted My Pinterest Boards is a really great post – I, too, stopped using Pinterest for the reasons she outlines. In general, the problems with copyright online are tricky and it’s always a good idea to Link With Love. The Paper Mama also had a good post recently on how to Safely Pin, for those of you not ready to part ways with Pinterest just yet.

While I’m dealing with my own backslide in seizure control, chops & pompy writes beautifully (and sometimes hilariously!) on dealing with the two steps forward, one step back dance of medication and epilepsy with her three and a half year old.