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I *gasp* actually read one of the art magazines I bought for the purposes of cutting up and found a really great quick tutorial on how to make multi-layered images using the iPhone. It’s so quick, I can even repeat it for you! Take photos, and then import them into the ArtStudio app wherein you can edit and merge the layers. That’s it. Easy peasy.

The original artist was doing really beautiful and somewhat elaborate photo collage. That’s not really my thing, but I do love the look of double exposures – which is something that’s not so easy to reproduce digitally. I’m just playing with two images at a time – taken with Hipstamatic and then layered in ArtStudio where I’ve simply been adjusting the transparencies until the layers “mesh” properly.

I’m really having a ton of fun with this. You should try it and then show off your iPhone double exposures!