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[Late with the Recap again… still in a bit of a fog, though things are starting to gradually lift up a bit. Which is a post in and of itself.]

I’m totally, totally in love with this 365 Collage Project.

How Not to Kill Your Baby Growth Chart. The Whuff is currently at risk for being drafted into service by tiny dairy farmers. Good to know!

Why I Hate the Myth of the Suffering Artist. Oh gourd do I ever agree with this. I was nodding my head furiously and remembering vividly my relationship with my ex-husband, he the writer who insisted that depression was good for his creative process. Also: the work that I’ve done when “suffering?” Total crap.

But You Chose to Do This and Other Helpful Magazine Titles for Parents. I so want a subscription to Choking Hazards Monthly – or perhaps more helpfully Hidden Electrical Sockets And the Toddlers Who Love Them Quarterly.