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It’s been a big week for The Whuff. Unfortunately, I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked of things like our day trip to Vermont (only pics are the 3 seen here – Whuff in the grass/dirt and the view of Mt. Ascutney from just up the road from my grandparents’ house) or his playdate on Friday (zero pics) because it’s also been a CRANKY week. So very, very cranky. I think he’s getting 86 teeth and possibly also about to start walking because good lord is this usually happy child just a wreck.

He did stand up! unassisted! for the first time this week, which might have something to do with the crankiness.  I don’t know why, developmentally, when their brains are figuring something new out it means their emotional control has to go all to hell, but it does. So, there’s that.

He also “drew” for the first time this week! Yay, crayons! He was blissfully coloring for a good ten minutes before trying to stick one in his mouth! I was planning on framing his very first “work of art”… but it’s a kids’ menu from Cracker Barrel. The ethical dilemma presents itself: do I frame the actual first piece, even though it’s on a menu, or do I stage a “first” drawing on a plain piece of paper and know that it’s lies? Of course, typing that out… hell yeah I’m going to frame the menu. I am indeed THAT kind of ridiculous.