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I’ve always been a big fan of summer and while I’m not terribly fond of humidity, the few 90F+ days we get here in New England haven’t really bothered me all that much – save for that summer when I was 8wks pregnant with 95F+ heat, 60% humidity, and two children under the age of six. THAT sucked. Anyhow. I prefer summer to winter by a very wide margin and am willing to put up with a few uncomfortably hot days and count my blessings that I don’t live in Texas.

Unfortunately, The Whuff doesn’t see things this way and that makes life very hard for him and thus by extension, very hard for me. He absolutely can not deal with being overheated and sweaty, it just makes him very, very angry. So, there’s that. On top of that, he’s been running a fever this week as the result of a take-home virus from his well-baby visit. Lovely. Go the pediatrician and if he wasn’t sick to begin with… well… he is now! So, feverish AND it’s 99F. Amazing.

(This is where I note that we live in a rental house with very questionable wiring and there is absolutely no safe way to install an AC unit in P’s bedroom, even if we wanted to do such a thing.)

After one day of hanging out in the kiddie pool and drinking lots of water, we retreated to Oma’s house in Vermont after P woke up several times in the night with the chills from sweating so much. Fantastic. Opa was able to install an air conditioner in the spare bedroom where P and I stayed while we were waiting to move last summer. Brilliant! Problem solved! A good night’s sleep for all!

Oh, if only. For every fool proof plan, somebody builds a better fool. And that fool, this time, was me. I forgot to check the thermostat on the AC before I fell into bed myself and I was just so overjoyed to be sleeping in a cool room that I didn’t really care. Whuff was in footie pjs – how bad could it be? Well. It was bad. The AC was turned to 61F and, as you can imagine, he woke up in the middle of the night a total Whuffsicle. I turned it up to a more reasonable 68 – but of course the room stayed cool for quite some time – during which I snuggled him and warmed him up by having him lie on me with a blanket over us.

Notably, P is not a snugglebug, so this was actually a very sweet moment for me. Until he was warmed and the room was slightly warmer and I tried to put him back to sleep. At four AM. Now, this is where I mention that my parents have three dogs who were asleep two rooms over. Not so close that minor fussing is going to disturb them… but close enough that a full on tantrum will probably be joined with a canine chorus. Knowing that my parents get up very early, the last thing I wanted was for their good deed of installing the AC so P and I could sleep to be punished by a 4AM multi-species tantrum.

Now, P and I were sharing a room. I had devised a privacy screen out of a laundry rack so he couldn’t see me… but he is now smart enough to know if I’m *there* even if I’m not directly *visible.* And so, he would not settle down in any way while mom was blatantly ignoring his tale of woe. And so, in my efforts to keep him from waking the dogs, I spent quite a lot of time picking him up and rocking him and trying to put him back down again. To no avail. Until my parents finally woke up and I left the room because – hey – now there’s no one left to wake up if he cries.

Which is when my mother broke it to me that DUH they had their OWN air conditioner and the door shut and they wouldn’t have heard it if P had started a marching band with a herd of elephants and rehearsed the Battle Hymn of the Republic in the bathroom. They couldn’t hear anything. It does, in fact, sound like a jet engine is starting up in their window. So all of my efforts to keep tantrums contained were for absolutely no reason.

By 5AM, everybody was back asleep that should have been asleep in the first place and the day went on relatively normally. Everybody had a little extra nap time and by the time we came home, it had cooled down a good ten degrees.

But, since no good deed can go unpunished, it seems that our night in air conditioned splendor and mom’s idiocy at not checking the thermostat has a lingering effect in the coughing and sneezing that has been the theme of the day.

It’s like Murphy’s Law is snowballing around here. One stupid thing leads to another stupid thing. And it’s just an avalanche of stupid and hot and the poor Whuff is bearing the brunt of it. Let’s hope that this week goes better. The forecast looks sunny, taking care of the outside world, and if I can just keep the inside climate relatively stable we’ll have a decent shot at a return to normalcy.