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In another local mini-adventure, we took an impulse trip to see some dinosaur tracks today. We drove down to a local farm stand to get some sandwiches and saw a sign for dinosaur tracks and, well, how could we NOT go?

If P were a little older, he would have gone crazy nuts over this. It’s a very low-key operation: a guy owns a house with a small hill of dinosaur tracks behind it. He has a trailer set up as a fossil museum/gift shop and for $3, you can go see the tracks. Seriously – with a slightly older kid, we would have been there for hours and gone home with a bucket of fossils. As is, we stayed as long as P’s attention span and Nuno got a big kick out of talking to the owner about his history of fossil hunting and I was very amused to see dinosaur poop. A good time was had by all!